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Dr. Odumabo

Adedoyin Odumabo

Lecturer I
Computer & Information Sciences
Phone: 0803551266

Dr. Adedoyin Tunde ODUMABO

Lecturer 1 - PhD

Faculty / Department

Computer and Information Sciences Curriculum Vitae: Dr. Adedoyin Odumabo's CV

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Academia Reference Page ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7867-8810

Research Interest:

  1. Knowledge Management
  2. Knowledge Grid
  3. Information Security
  4. Information System

Selected publications

  1. Ikudaisi D.O, Abiodun O., Adekotujo A.S, Odumabo A.T, Obabueki O. (2019): A Proposed Data Security Framework for Multi-Cloud Environment Using Quantum Key Distribution Protocol. Crawford Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences 1(2019):183-190
  2. Akinnuwesi, B., Odumabo, A., & Aribisala, B. (2020). Knowledge Grid: An Intelligent System for Collaboration and Knowledge Management in Nigerian Universities. Data Science Journal, 19(2), 1-16. Doi:
  3. Akinlolu Adekotujo, Adedoyin Odumabo, Ademola Adedokun and Olukayode Aiyeniko (2020). A Comparative Study of Operating Systems: Case of Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. International Journal of Computer Applications 176(39):17-24, July 2020. Doi:
  4. Adedoyin Odumabo, Ademola Adedokun, Akinlolu Adekotujo and Oluwatosin Ogunbodede (2020). Very Long Instruction Word: A Higher Performance Processor. International Journal of Computer Applications 175(15):11-15, August 2020. Doi:
  5. Adedoyin Odumabo, David Ikudaisi, Akinlolu Adekotujo and Onala Sejiro (2020). Enabling Virtual Organization System for Agro Business. International Journal of Computer Applications 175(23):1-6, October 2020. Doi:
  6. Boluwaji A. Akinnuwesi, Faith-Michael E. Uzoka, Stephen G. Fashoto, Elliot Mbunge, Adedoyin Odumabo, Oluwaseun O. Amusa, Moses Okpeku, Olumide Owolabi, (2021). A Modified UTAUT Model for the Acceptance and Use of Digital Technology for Tackling COVID-19, Sustainable Operations and Computers (2021), Doi:
  7. Akinnuwesi, B.A., Fashoto, S.G., Mbunge, E., Odumabo, A., Metfula, A.S., Mashwama, P., Uzoka, F.-M., Owolabi, O., Okpeku, M., Amusa, O.O. (2021). Application of intelligence-based computational techniques for classification and early differential diagnosis of COVID-19 disease, Data Science and Management (2021), Doi:
  8. Adekotujo, A. S., Odumabo, A. T., Fatunmbi, M. O. and Ojeyemi, F. O (2022). Effective Academic Staff Appraisal Management System in Nigerian Institutions. International Journal of Applied Research and Technology 11(06):30-36
  9. Adedoyin Odumabo, Mauton Asokere and Olapade Ogunfeyimi (2023). A Parent-Student Control Web-Based Learning Management System (PaSELS). International Journal of Applied Research and Technology 12(10):

Selected conferences attended

  1. 6th Conference of the Faculty of Science International Conference, (FOSIC), Lagos State University (2018) Paper presented: Comparative Study of Operating System: SWOT Analysis (Case study of Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS Operating System) Paper presented: Current Situation of Collaboration Knowledge Grid in Nigerian Universities
  2. 1st Lagos State University Research Fair University (2019) Attended but No Paper presented.
  3. West and Central African Research and Education Networks (WACREN) Conference (2021), Cotonou, Benin. Paper presented: Framework of Knowledge Grid Model for Collaboration among Nigerian Universities.